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Creating deep on-chain liquidity using advanced bonding curves

Website: curve.fi
Source code: github.com
Discussion: t.me

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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Of course, downgrading Metamask is an odd solution. What'd be better: allowing non-EIP1559 transactions and warning users that they'd better upgrade Ledger firmware. Not to mention that it still doesn't work in Firefox after upgrading firmware, according to user feedback... https://t.co/hh1fyw0QbD

Keep in mind before aping: @arbitrum is still in beta. It still has a capability to upgrade code (via a multisig-controlled account) while some audits are going. https://t.co/oQXbV3K6gc

A note to arbitrage traders: tricrypto pool on arbitrum should be pretty good for arbitrage! The contract is verified and it's here: https://t.co/mB3nAV8beZ If you already arbed tricryptos on Ethereum or Polygon - should be easy ;-)

[α] Dear @etherscan , can you add support for new vypers (0.2.15, 0.2.16) on arbiscan? 👀


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