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Monetizing your content can be a hassle. There are so many wrong turns you can take that it can be overwhelming to reach a certain decision. Here are 4 things you should definitely avoid when monetizing your content. https://t.co/bw45lmGIFO #InfluencerMarketing #Monetization

Social media marketing tools have been around for quite some time and as everything else in the digital world, they have evolved. Take a look at how this came to pass. https://t.co/a7dJchsSaD #InfluencerMarketing #SocialMediaMarketing

Influencer marketing platforms can be rather confusing, particularly if they don’t have the proper features. Here are 6 features that the best influencer marketing platforms should have. https://t.co/EjXyGaCcsp #InfluencerMarketing #Influencers

Finding the right industry influencer can be challenging. Hence, explore the value of blockchain technology and the role of an AI-powered content creation platform in finding the right influencers. https://t.co/mWAbzEQPkf #InfluencerMarketing #Blockchain

Content marketing has become even more competitive in 2018, thanks to smart technologies such as blockchain. https://t.co/LZ2ga7S7SL #Blockchain #ContentMarketing #MarketingTrends

There are many ways to grow your business nowadays, but influencer marketing campaigns are a sure win. We will tackle this topic in the following article, so read on. https://t.co/kMB0iWUjaF #InfluencerMarketing #InfluencerTrends #ContentMarketing

Want a new alternative to traditional ads? Here are 7 reasons why influencer marketing has all the potential to improve your overall marketing strategy. https://t.co/WjeCtPGTLY #InfluencerMarketing #ContentMarketing

A cultural shift in the way we consume information means marketers need to understand the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. https://t.co/bar1x7yoAH #OutboundMarketing #InboundMarketing #ContentMarketing

The common challenge for many brands that decide to leverage the power of influencer marketing is measuring influencer marketing ROI. Here are five simple ways to measure influencer marketing ROI that you can start doing immediately. https://t.co/b7WDQWjpJg #InfluencerMarketing

Branded content has gained great popularity as it drives real engagement. Let’s find out why brands are relying on video content creators when it comes to promoting their products and services. https://t.co/tAx9fuXcOE #ContentMarketing

If you want to reach more people with your content and deliver valuable material to your audiences, you need to utilize the right social networking channels. This article presents the top 3 networking channels for content creators. https://t.co/pmvZeCtGqF #ContentMarketing

This article will explain what it means to be an influencer and the benefits it brings you, and how they can help you advance your content marketing by targeting the right audience and by creating high value content related to your brand. https://t.co/oxsBstaB6X #ContentMarketing

In a niche market content strategy, there are some crucial differences from a regular campaign, that need to be recognized to achieve results. Here are steps you need to take towards creating branded content for a niche content strategy. https://t.co/1wWJOaeLdb #ContentMarketing

Influencer marketing can help brands expand their reach, advance their recognition and attract new customers. This article will serve as a small guide for industry influencers to find the best industry to be a part of. https://t.co/xI68rBekJj #InfluencerMarketing #Influencers

Content curation builds loyalty – it brings credibility to your brand and adds value to your audience. A well-curated post can attract customers, clients, and collaborators alike. Learn why your marketing strategy needs it. https://t.co/15Rg1OquQu #ContentMarketing

The battle between Instagram and YouTube is raging for Influencer Marketing. We have strong contestants on both sides, and we are yet to see who will win; the reigning champion, YouTube, or the up and coming underdog, Instagram? https://t.co/bTEgpEJggH #InfluencerMarketing

If you are wondering how to get paid on Instagram, or better, how to monetize your Instagram content, has a great solution for you. https://t.co/TwTWy1VNlz #ContentMarketing #Blockchain

Instagram influencers are growing in numbers and you have to do your best to find those that will become perfectly aligned to your brand goals. We will explore this issue and provide useful tips to help you out. https://t.co/kaNiBAorLF #InfluencerMarketing #ContentMarketing

If you were wondering whether famous brands use micro-influencers, wonder no more. They most certainly do. Here are 7 brands that really do use micro-influencers. https://t.co/8pIorgwAX4 #InfluencerMarketing #ContentMarketing

In 2017, influencer marketing became trendy. Will this advertising trend remain a dominant force during this year? And will it give rise to new and even more creative ways of engaging the audience? https://t.co/E0j6nuUl8W #InfluencerMarketing #MarketingTrends


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