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Covalent is a privacy-protected data network that utilizes a decentralized computing network to ensure that data is encrypted at all times.

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According to the schedules, we will burn another 500mm COVA tokens on September 15th. This action is a part of the 2 billion burning programme, which takes place on the 15th of every month. https://t.co/7XLrIltl6H

We have completed the burning of 680mm ERC-20 COVA tokens, and the current total token supply is 5,820,000,000. https://t.co/mi5wfzyxsK

Because of our successful mainnet launch, COVA Foundation will be burning at least 2 billion COVA in the next 6 months. https://t.co/jLV7SDA2NY

Welcome to the 16th Bi-weekly Updates of COVA. In this bi-weekly update, we will recap what we’ve done in the past few weeks. https://t.co/5hYidooGRz

We’ve received a number of feedback regarding our last open letter, and would like to make a few clarifications here. https://t.co/7Zs7hkkNN7

Thank you for your participation in our BinanceDEX 5 Million COVA Holder Competition. Below are the list of winners, who will each receive the reward of 100,000 BEP2 COVA. https://t.co/T4J6O4uAW3

Covalent Foundation has unlocked the third batch of COVA token to its private sale investors.

We’re excited to announce that COVA will be integrating a portion of its tokenized privacy-preserving ecosystem with @Binance Chain and will be submitting a listing proposal for the #Binance Decentralized Exchange (DEX). You can read more here. https://t.co/mfUAIz1FKmhttps://t.co/qfyodhQ9ns


We are in the last sprint for launching the Mainnet. The Mainnet requires implementation of a permissionless TEE ComputeNode architecture and mining through useful computation. https://t.co/sXGtk11Bw3

So thrilled to see that Chinese government has taken measure to tackle user privacy breach! Chinse GDPR is on the way, and companies will have to change the way they treat users' data. https://t.co/aHfMxsC4tq

We are on schedule to finish the next iteration of covalent testnet with miner support and reward system. In addition, we have finished the minute lottery dApp and preparing to deploy and ship it. Check it out in our bi-weekly updates! https://t.co/rOHSwQmAEO


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