Cook Protocol is a completely decentralized asset management platform in the DeFi space built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

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Conditions Whitelist
Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo
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For providing better users experience, please submit form on discord whenever you encounter technical issue with 3 steps: 🎉Join Cook Discord link 🎉Go to faqs channel and click to get form link 🎉Fill the link and submit, Cook team will help you shortly

💡 What if You could decide on future indexes? 💡 What if You could indicate which component of the indexes should be changed? 💡 More option on BNB chain or Avalanche? It's your time. Your voice matters. 💪 Tell us about your index ideas in comments 🗣 #DeFi #BNB #Avalanche

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️ 💥Our team NEVER send private messages or ask any personal questions on Discod, Telegram nor even email. ⚠️ Be aware of scammers and stay safe 💪🔥💰 $COOK, #CookFinance, @cook_finance

🎉Index Reopen on Avalanceh🎉 ⭐Yield Bearing Stable Coin Index V2 ⭐Yield Bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index V3 New Farm pool opened for the 2 new indexs

We have another great news for You 🎉🎉🎉 Two updated indexes have been launched on Avalanche! ⭐Yield Bearing Stable Coin Index V2 ⭐Yield Bearing Avalanche Ecosystem Index V3 Diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio and reduce the risk of your investment strategy now! 💰💰💰

We have launched following 7️⃣ indexes on the BNB chain so far💥and been ranked 1st index platform on BNB chain in terms of TVL🧑‍🍳. 🟢 YB Mega Cap Index 🟢 YB Stable Coin Index 🟢 YB USDT Index 🟢 YB BUSD Index 🟢 YB USDC Index 🟢 YB BNB Index #Cook #BSC #BNB #BNBChain

COOK🤝 @AlpacaFinance This partnership will allow COOK to incorporate the leveraged yield-farming protocols of Alpaca, thereby helping COOK holders improve their capital efficiency without taking on additional risk link👇 #BNBChain #finance #YieldFarming

You 🗣, and we 👂. We've launched a new Yield Bearing MegaCap Index on the BNB Chain! This index helps users lower risk and optimize returns with two components👇 ✅Interest Bearing BTC ✅Interest Bearing ETH 🔗Check it out👉

By integrating @magic_labs on Cook Finance, our users can now gain exclusive access to state-of the art security protocols and easy access to our DeFi index! 🔗Learn more👇 #DeFi #DeFiIndexes #COOK #BNB #Avalanche

We have reached an amazing milestone today. To celebrate our launch on the #BNBChain we will #Airdrop 20USD to 10 lucky winners! ✅Join our discord: ✅Follow us on twitter ✅Like, retweet and tag 3 friends on this post Winners will be chosen in 48 hours

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