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Convergence is a decentralized interchangeable assets protocol.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


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Greetings Convergers!👋 We are having our $CONV staking Airdrop event on @bitfinex very soon! Stay tuned for more details 👀 #CONVAirdropOnBFX #CONV #Convergence https://t.co/RQqurqBpOJ

🎖 Biweekly Active #Convergers: July 29-August 11 💙 Telegram: Michael Kevin Travis Papi C 🎁 Please DM admin Cara ( @cara_conv ) with your ERC20 wallet address to receive $100 USD in $CONV https://t.co/gaaFVhPgod


🚀$fGLMR subscription pool is now LIVE on ConvO 🔔The allocation is first come, first served basis for whitelisted users ⚡Switch to Moonbeam Network and confirm your subscription with ceUSDT now: https://t.co/sNaYEwDZAUhttps://t.co/Bx2hQjuDJR


⏰Only 1 HOUR left until $GLMR private sale on #ConvO at 8am UTC on Moonbeam⚡ $fGLMR $0.3225 🆚 $GLMR $0.7 🔔The allocation is first come, first served for whitelisted users 👀$fGLMR will also be available for trading 1 hour after the subscription if you aren’t whitelisted https://t.co/w77uGDy7TR


⏳Only 24 HOURS left until $GLMR private sale on ConvO (Moonbeam) ⛽Get your $GLMR ready for gas fees & $ceUSDT for subscription payment 👀$fGLMR will also be available on ConvX if you aren’t whitelisted • Subscription starts at 8am UTC tmr • Trading starts at 9am UTC tmr https://t.co/P6AI1QkaWb


🤩Congrats to users who secured a spot on our $GLMR private sale on Aug 3rd (Wed) • Subscription starts on #ConvO at 8am UTC • Trading starts on #ConvX at 9am UTC ⛽Prepare your $GLMR for gas & $ceUSDT for subscription payment 📃 Successful KYC List: https://t.co/zaNhs0QrPAhttps://t.co/CPFZ9BERsL


🛑KYC submission is now CLOSED! 📃We will announce the final whitelist users who secured a spot on our $GLMR private sale shortly https://t.co/Ft4iejSqPd


🎖 Biweekly Active #Convergers: July 15-July 28 💙 Telegram: William Walter Young Roland Decker 🎁 Please DM admin Cara ( @cara_conv ) with your ERC20 wallet address to receive $100 USD in $CONV https://t.co/e6DfJTuql2


KYC emails have now been sent to the lucky selected whitelist applicants for our $GLMR private sale (check your promotions / spam inbox) Selected applicants should complete the KYC process before Aug 1st 9AM UTC Whitelisted address for KYC: https://t.co/IKuSTCSkan #Convergence https://t.co/FVltuGvrQA


🤩Oversubscription by 370% for our $GLMR private-sale 💪A huge thanks to the community! We will announce the whitelist application selection for KYC tomorrow • KYC Period: Jul 29 - Aug 1 • Whitelist Result: Aug 1 • Subscription: Aug 3 Details💁🏻‍♀️https://t.co/g5rsRpnp26https://t.co/dxmUSD3LB6


👋Greetings Convergers! 📈fGLMR Public Pool Whitelist is already 550% oversubscribed at the time of writing! ⬆️To get prioritised Public Pool Whitelist spot you can now complete Gleam tasks➡️https://t.co/c7U5porm8l ❗Complete all tasks before July 28 8AM UTC to get priority https://t.co/uAqBk6NMNs



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