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End goal
50 000 000
Start date
17 Nov 2017
End date
17 Dec 2017
Up to 1000% (Image)

CLOUT is a blockchain based platform that promotes the cryptocurrency communities growth and is committed to providing users with quality information in this massively growing space. The platform combines a social media interface utilizing user generated content, with the additional functionality of monetized rewards for community interaction.


Project details

AcceptsETH, BTC
Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Sold on presale2,500,000 USD (1 USD per Token)
Min/Max Personal Cap0.5 ETH / $1m
Token typeERC223
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale50%
ICO Token Price1 CLOUT = 2.50 USD


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Now searching ICO items is much easier! By creating a separate route for the page you can get the information about each ICO using its unique ID. #clouttoken #mediadecentralized

Now the featuring of the ICOs are filtered accordingly: upcoming, ongoing and closed. This will provide an improved UI experience and an increased diversification of data. #cloutnetwork #mediadecentralized

We are going to spend an intensive amount of time by boosting our marketing efforts so that you are all updated on the current state of things. Expect frequent updates about the state of things post-ICO and the new additions to the platform! #cloutnetwork #mediadecentralised

New promo video coming soon!

We are pleased to announce our brand-new CLOUT telegram main group! Please join The old group is no longer endorsed due to our contract ending with this previous employee, who was the creator of the old group and such we had to create a new group.

Store CLOUT in your wallet off an exchange to claim your CLC via instructions in our previous tweet! #CLOUTtips

Always keep personal information secure and stored offline if possible. #CLOUTtips

Double check your addresses when sending funds anywhere! #CLOUTtips

Stay away from Pump & Dump groups. You will usually end up burned and bag hodling. #CLOUTtips

Due to @hitbtc wallet maintenance, we will be listing Monday, Feb. 5th, 2018. Thank you.

Be careful when dealing with strangers, you never know their motive. (PM's, blatant shills, etc.) #CLOUTtips

Be sure to store long term hodl's off exchanges! Protect your private keys😊 #CLOUTtips

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami! Received overwhelming exciting feedback

PSA: When using myetherwallet, always remember to double or even triple check the URL on your browser. Safety first when using cryptocurrency. #CLOUTtips

Stay tuned for more #CLOUTtips every other day! Ways to secure yourself and your money in this new emerging industry.

PSA: Be aware of FUD based on the opinions of others in the crypto-space, always DYOR, and base your research off facts. #CLOUTtips


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