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Database-centric decentralized application orientated platform with a different approach to token economy.


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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeOwn wallet
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Intellectual property rights (IPR) are a cornerstone of the 🇪🇺#EU’s economic future. Let's explore how we work with the @EU_EBSI to create a Relational Blockchain Nebula (#RBN) Decentralized IP marketplace that can tackle IPR challenges at scale. 🔗

ChromaWay makes strategic investment in #VRM. "We aim to explore further opportunities to work together in creating metaverse, #NFT, and gaming content." 💻 Read more -

Environmental sustainability is one of the fundamental requirements of the @EU_EBSI 🇪🇺 mandate. Learn how #Chromaway's Relational Blockchain Nebula - RBN - is preparing for the #EU's greener future. ♻️ Read more -

A few months ago, our Innovation Lab launched an Incubation Program for 2022 to provide talented #blockchain entrepreneurs, designers, and developers with the opportunity to prove their ideas and bring their startup visions to life. 📌 Read more:

Today we announced a €2.1 million investment in @Bloqhouse , a Dutch based investor management platform provider with whom we look forward to building the future of fund management and investing. 📌 Read more here:


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