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End goal
3 000 000
Sales started
63 days ago 30 Sep 2021
Sales ends in
59 days 31 Jan 2022

“Crypto Emergency” is aimed at building up an international crypto community where crypto enthusiasts can exchange experiences and newcomers can get help.
We solve the problem of integrating cryptocurrencies from cash and settlement
operations to the introduction of tokenization in the banking sector at the state level.
Our key products for future development, all on one website:
- a tokenized Q&A platform;

- a crypto university;

- programs to support start-ups;

- wallet, exchange, depository, trust listing;

- a news detector.

Crypto Emergency’s token - EMERGENCY token (CEM), is created on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain. The total amount of tokens is limited to 187 million. To minimize investors’ risks, 50% of tokens will be locked for 2 years with a gradual unlocking of 2% each month. Once every 6 months, Crypto Emergency will repurchase tokens in the amount of 5% of the ecosystem's discounted cash flow. The redeemed tokens will be burned to regulate the CEM value.

To guarantee that the holders earn a profit and that the ecosystem replenishes the liquidity pool, during the design and deployment of the first components, the commission will be 3% for carrying out transaction processes. Stablecoin BUSD will act as a currency pair in the liquidity pool.

For our first investors of the project 15% discount is granted at the ICO stage.


Project details

Started 30 September 2021
2 months ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Team from22 company members working remotely including:the USARussiaEstonia


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We introduce a new rubric “Crypto Emergency’s Experts” In this column we will cover for you some terms of the financial and crypto world. Derivative is on the agenda for you today. Derivative is a financial contract. Read more: https://t.co/L6Rv7KYmx2https://t.co/pipt825zuh


We worked hard, discussed and edited all the design details of the website Crypto Emergency which will be launched soon. And you finally will be able to sign up and fill in your profile. However, already now we can show you the some part of the main page. #Bitcoin #Ethereum #NFT https://t.co/vslzmHJNKu


Today #Bitcoin(BTC) and #Ethereum (ETH) were higher than ever. Bitcoin overcame the price of $68 000, and Ethereum was higher than $4 800. The major part of November is ahead, and we still wait for #Taproot improvement. What maximums we can see more in the nearest future?? https://t.co/uI0Xhpr0I1


Alt-season is speeding up. Ethereum, Solana and #Polkadot are overpassing their all-time peaks. The price of #Ethereum (ETH) reached $4634 which is more than a maximum peak set before. Also #Solana (SOL) almost reached $230. Read more: https://t.co/L6Rv7KYmx2https://t.co/K3aRuErlI4


According to the American news portal #Newswire, Houston Firefighters' Relief and Retirement Fund (#HFRRF) announced that they bought #Bitcoin for the defined benefit plan's portfolio. Read more: https://t.co/L6Rv7KYmx2. https://t.co/INRbgAdl2t


#Bitcoin fell down to $58 000 with the liquidation volume of more than $550 ml. Our experts consider that such volatility now is adequate. https://t.co/Gt6wnjx2nV


Crypto Emergency is here and there, Crypto Emergency is everywhere! 🌴☀🏝 Join the international community of crypto enthusiasts! Sincerely yours, Crypto Emergency! ✨ https://t.co/5d7jMpAcYO


Guys! #Bitcoin overcame its historic maximum and is traded now for $66 000! How much will it grow more??? #Emergency #cryptocurrecy #CryptoNews #CryptocurrencyNews Sincerely yours, Crypto Emergency! ✨ https://t.co/5E1E5v5U4G


According to Crypto Parrot, at the period since the 1st to 11th October, the average trading volume of #BTC during 24h is $36, 7 bl, thereby outran the producer of #Tesla electro mobiles with trading volume of $14,64 bl. Read more: https://t.co/L6Rv7KYmx2https://t.co/SABQtT6SON


Start of Bitcoin Strategy ETF trading on NYSE, October 19th, 2021. The #Bitcoin Strategy #ETF shares of the company #ProShares have started to be traded today on New York Stock Exchange #NYSE under the ticker #BITO. #BitcoinETF Read more: https://t.co/L6Rv7KYmx2https://t.co/V6zyDWgIRm


The trend in the legislation policy of crypto industry regulation in #RF. Not bad news for national crypto enthusiasts. As the deputy financial minister, Alexey Moiseev, reported, #Russian authorities will not ban cryptocurrency trading via international exchanges. https://t.co/M1kySlCwLo


Guys! We are working hard to popularize unique opportunities that we can provide for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Hot discussions are going on right now about our new projects and products!🔥 Have a productive working week! Sincerely yours, Crypto Emergency! ✨ https://t.co/IHJna9fW85



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