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End goal
3 000 000
Start date
30 Sep 2021
End date
31 Jan 2022

“Crypto Emergency” is aimed at building up an international crypto community where crypto enthusiasts can exchange experiences and newcomers can get help.
We solve the problem of integrating cryptocurrencies from cash and settlement
operations to the introduction of tokenization in the banking sector at the state level.
Our key products for future development, all on one website:
- a tokenized Q&A platform;

- a crypto university;

- programs to support start-ups;

- wallet, exchange, depository, trust listing;

- a news detector.

Crypto Emergency’s token - EMERGENCY token (CEM), is created on the blockchain Binance Smart Chain. The total amount of tokens is limited to 187 million. To minimize investors’ risks, 50% of tokens will be locked for 2 years with a gradual unlocking of 2% each month. Once every 6 months, Crypto Emergency will repurchase tokens in the amount of 5% of the ecosystem's discounted cash flow. The redeemed tokens will be burned to regulate the CEM value.

To guarantee that the holders earn a profit and that the ecosystem replenishes the liquidity pool, during the design and deployment of the first components, the commission will be 3% for carrying out transaction processes. Stablecoin BUSD will act as a currency pair in the liquidity pool.

For our first investors of the project 15% discount is granted at the ICO stage.


Project details

Started 30 September 2021
about 1 year ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Token typeUtility
Hardware walletNo
Team from22 company members working remotely including:the USARussiaEstonia


by @cryptoemergency 0 followers

We are happy to announce that our #multilingual platform expanded with the new language – Hebrew. #Shalom to our new users! אנו שמחים להודיע כי הפלטפורמה הרב-לשונית שלנו התרחבה עם שפה חדשה-עברית. שלום למשתמשים החדשים שלנו! #social #crypto #worldwide $CEM https://t.co/mrKIozkaCy


During last two days of @BlLife_Forum #CryptoEmergency team attracted a lot of attention from the forum participants. We were glad to meet @MetisDAO co founder Natalia Amelina in person. We have agreed on further cooperation. Stay with us for further announcements. https://t.co/pKv8xC1YRP


Friends! We are glad to inform you that one more localization language has become available on our platform. The Polish language is now available on the platform for all users. In the near future we expect the completion of work on the Korean language. https://t.co/u5IBE7u6ib


Friends! I want to say again that we have done a tremendous job and achieved publication in the chainlist. Chain ID 193 Now this data is pulled up by MetaMask and our network is marked as verified and safe for users. https://t.co/S7EcBEC3nZhttps://t.co/vLtyJBQoBQ



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