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Cellframe is a service oriented blockchain network. It is built very close to the hardware, to provide efficiency of use on any machine — from supercomputer to smart fridge. Post quantum encryption is a default one to provide the highest level of security. Important to note that we did not try to invent a new unproven yet essence or technology; we are making the blockchain the way it should be done to be called an infrastructure.

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Good Morning Cell Mates, We are wishing you all and your family's a blessed weekend ahead. 10,000 holders is one of the many milestones we are looking to achieve in the near future. Thank you for your support. We are Cell and we are here. https://t.co/R08sTnAiW2

Dear Cell Mates, We're in a good mood today. Both ETH/BSC contracts are now audited and have successfully passed! This puts us in a significantly greater position when engaging with tier 1 exchanges. Thanks for your patience Cell Mates. We are Cell and we are here. https://t.co/ZInTkInHbU

Cell Mates, We are pleased to announce that we are now trading LIVE on Pancake Swap! Please remember, our official contract address is and only will ever be: 0xf3e1449ddb6b218da2c9463d4594ceccc8934346 We advise 10% slippage. Thank you Team Cell! We are Cell and we are here. https://t.co/57dg0UUkNS

Cell Mates, We are honoured by your patience. However, without further delay - it is time. Our ONE and ONLY official BSC contract address is: 0xf3e1449ddb6b218da2c9463d4594ceccc8934346 The date has been set for Friday 10th September 11:00AM UTC. We are Cell and we are here! https://t.co/MdLm293Yr0

Cell Mates As we approach our anticipated Pancake Swap launch on Friday, we thought we'd provide you with more details. We excited to release our first cross chain swap bridge developed in conjunction with $MTGY. We are excited and we hope you are too! https://t.co/JSHHFhezt2https://t.co/wFFurtfcw2

Cell Mates, We just reached 7,000 members in our Telegram community and we are growing faster than ever. Thank you for supporting us always. We are Cell. We are Here. https://t.co/0MhuvKhmXP

Cellframe is coming to Pancake Swap! Not only this. But we're implementing an atomic cross chain swap bridge to enable seamless interoperability between ETH and BSC chains. We are going multi chain Cell Mates. This is just the start of things to come. https://t.co/iZMTPBoG3shttps://t.co/yp5l9RrG9o

We have successfully upgraded to the new stable version of our testnet, dubbed Alphanet. We are now one step closer to Cellchains with the next update being SubZero and finally the Scorpion mainnet release by the end of the year. We're excited. Are you? https://t.co/cAt7W4hnxshttps://t.co/DXJg35DT3k

Cell Mates. We've compiled our latest updates in our new Medium article. We feel you should all take a few moments during your coffee break to have a quick read through some exciting updates. As our leader @naeper says - We are Cell and we are here. https://t.co/jOZfxlXENYhttps://t.co/nZbmtG3Ooa

Cell Mates. It is an emotional sight for us as we gaze upon a new paradigm. Today we stand with 8000+ Cellframe token holders. We at Cellframe thank you all sincerely and we will continue to deliver on our promises. We hope you have all had a great weekend. https://t.co/OXZDkXYNCx

Cell Mates! 👋 You've shown us so much love, so we wanted to return some of it - that means it's competition time. We are giving away 100 $CELL tokens to 10 lucky winners on August 25th. 1) Like + RT 2) Tag 3 friends 3) Join our Telegram - https://t.co/kpOfOnqzSd We are Cell! https://t.co/OIOYmEwGc4

Team Cell. Our new roadmap is here and it's getting us more excited than we've ever been. We are working on the release of our beta dashboard wallet and the Cellchain auction website. There's a boatload of news coming for you all. We simply can't thank the community enough. https://t.co/8ueEdjSn0E


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