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Celer Network

34 000 000
(100 %)
End goal
34 000 000

Celer Network is
a coherent technology and economic architecture to enable Internet-scale public blockchains through off-chain scaling techniques. It can scale out to billions of transactions per second, and will fully unleash the power of blockchain and decentralized applications.


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❤️100% users who revoked phishing contract approvals are compensated, 98% loss is recovered! 🦾Funds in cBridge smart contracts was never affected 👀Active frontend and DNS integrity checks are added to prevent similar attempts 📢Missing refunds? Please revoke approvals first. https://t.co/xlrLBNaPFV

🌉cBridge frontend UI is now up again with additional monitoring in place. We strongly recommend community to always check contract addresses that you are interacting with on any DeFi apps as DNS poisoning seems to forming a trend. Will always keep community updated! https://t.co/xlrLBNsYU3

📢(1/n)A DNS cache poisoning attack on cBridge’s frontend UI appprox. during 08/17 07:45pm to 10:00 pm UTC caused some users to be redirected to malicious smart contracts that can drain all approved token amount. FIRST, PLEASE check&revoke any approval to the followings:

📢📢📢We are seeing reports that reflects potential DNS hijacking of cbridge frontend. We are investigating at the moment and please do not use the frontend for bridging at the moment.

🙇‍♂️We ran into a small issue when rewarding some of the prizes for our recent Twitter giveaway. 🌈We have tagged the affected winners below. If you are tagged, please DM us your wallet address by Aug 21 10:00 UTC to receive your reward by Aug 22 ❤️Thank you for your support! https://t.co/aZ26BkGhMr

🖥️Our amazing community has created a unique tool where you can query info about cross-chain transfers based on the Celer Inter-chain Messaging (Celer IM) framework by searching with the “Address” or “Txn Hash”!🌈 👉Try it here: https://t.co/ZTnmkOmnz9https://t.co/fUSf7IEoJF

🎁We are happy to announce that all of the rewards for the cBridge 1-year anniversary have been distributed! 🏆Once again we want to thank everyone who participated in the events, our amazing partners, and our community! 🚀We look forward to many more fun and exciting events! https://t.co/aZ26BkGhMr

🔊We will be hosting a special AMA Twitter Space tomorrow with @pStakeFinance to talk about their recent integration with Celer cBridge! ⏰Join us on August 9th at 09:00 UTC for the AMA! ➡️Twitter Space: https://t.co/2SL4AjzI3D

🥳Congrats to our partner @4everland_org ’s successful integration with #CelerIM! 💸Their users are now able to receive $USDC payments on a supported chain of their choosing! We are excited to see what future updates hold for cross-chain multi-currency payments using #CelerIM!🌈 https://t.co/VSEwLPSMWE


🥳Congratulations to all of the winners of the Celer 1 Year Anniversary Celebration! 🌈Thank you all for participating and creating these awesome pieces of cool content about Celer cBridge! 👉Complete winners list for Activities 1⃣and 3⃣ here: https://t.co/HhT2Ad8Fuwhttps://t.co/aZ26BkGhMr

🤯We are amazed at how fast cBridge has grown. 🌈cBridge has hit over $10B in total Tx Volume. 💰That's $10,000,000,000. 10 Zeros. 🎉We would like to thank the community and all of our amazing partners for everything they do that helped us reach this EPIC milestone!🚀THANK YOU! https://t.co/oTIPufDCoJ


🙌An exciting new era of cross-chain DeFi has begun! 🤯 @muxprotocol has successfully used Celer to create a seamless cross-chain native perpetual swap experience! 🌈Users trading on any supported chain can now leverage aggregated liquidity provided on multiple chains by LPs. https://t.co/Cq7LVqWWWw



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