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8 300 000
(36 %)
End goal
23 000 000
Start date
26 Nov 2017
End date
27 Dec 2017
Up to 40% (Image)

CanYa is a peer to peer marketplace of skilled services - where users are instantly connected to service providers. Unlike most ICO's we already have a working product, high user growth and an experienced team - We soft launched our initial product in Australia late last year where we had extraordinary growth with zero marketing. Now we're conducting an ICO to fund expansion into the international market and to start CanYa’s journey to becoming a completely decentralized peer to peer marketplace of services.

WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailOpen
Website: canya.io
Source code: Source code
Social: Twitter

Project details

Conditions Whitelist , KYC
Sold on presale2,000,000 USD (4530 ETH)
Min/Max Personal Cap0.1ETH / TBA
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000
Available for Token Sale60%
ICO Token Price1 CAN = 0.79 USD (0.00100000 ETH)


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An incredibly successful binance hackathon in collaboration & refreshments by Full round up to come.... 💡 https://t.co/aeiPQ34vx5


Kai spoke with YPONextGen at an event hosted by Deloitte a few days ago on the future of blockchain solutions and how canyacoin and Bountysource work together in the gig economy. https://t.co/siXdmyjdaJ


Part 2 of our catchup with two of CanYa's co-founder's, JP & Chris, who are talking about the week that was, and what is still on the cards. https://t.co/gEpkuUdl99


Two of our founders, JP & Chris, speak about what has been a historic week for Canya - and also touch on what is on the horizon for the project! https://t.co/XRgfME89q6



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