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End goal
18 500 000
Start date
15 Jan 2019
End date
22 Jun 2019

Thanks to technological innovations, a fair online casino model has finally become a reality and Bitwin team wants to help in shaping it by designing a reliable, affordable, transparent and easily accessible platform that focuses on bringing out what is best in gambling - entertainment.

Bitwin 2.0 will be a casino platform built on blockchain, with Bitwin Token (BWT) at its core. Our vision is to provide a truly transparent and provably fair online casino experience with low transaction costs and instant withdrawals of any amount.

BWT Token is designed to meet the most sophisticated demands of iGaming vertical and eliminate most pain points bothering existing online gambling market. The update will ensure smart contracts supporting trust, transparency and security, together with high RTP (Return-To-Player) rate.

Moreover Bitwin’s 2.0 blockchain ecosystem will be equipped with cashback system, as well as Global Jackpot and Game Developers Community mechanisms that grant Bitwin Token attractive use-case and scaling-up potential. These functions will serve also other platforms, which will use Bitwin as turnkey solution provider.

Token ecosystem is developed to maintain the lowest possible gaming edge and latency as well as blockchain-guaranteed transparency and security. Users will be able to enjoy variety of games from industry’s leading, award winning suppliers, amplified by gaming products from Bitwin Developers Community. It will also have intrinsic functionalities like voting mechanism, cashback system and participation in Global Jackpot. The concept of Bitwin 2.0 and BWT is designed to achieve sustainable growth, ever growing iGaming content, also for other platforms, which will use Bitwin as turnkey solution provider.


Project details

Started 07 December 2018
over 3 years ago
Development statusPrototype / MVP
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJanuary 2019
AcceptsBTC, ETH, LTC
Hardware walletYes
Team fromPoland
Registered companyMalta


Total tokens450000000
Available for Token Sale202500000
ICO Token Price0.098013245 USD


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Bitwin Bounty Campaign has officially finished! We would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our community and participants! Stay tuned to our Bitcointalk bounty thread and Bitwin Token Bounties Channel on Telegram, where we will inform you about the rewards. https://t.co/EbYQuUcNtT


Dear Bounty Hunters, we would like to inform that we decided to set our Bounty Program completion date on 31st march. Your prizes will be transferred shortly afterwards. Please follow https://t.co/8lcKWXjQc1 for more BWT Token Bounty Program news. #BWT $BWT #Token #update https://t.co/46eP7zhrgg


Crypto casinos are on the rise! Cryptocurrencies seem to be the excellent answer for the demands of iGaming fans. Bitwin Token vision is to connect the newest market advancements with playable and user- friendly solutions. #BWT $BWT #Token #blockchain #technology https://t.co/mX5v7lvnGq


Sports betting at its best. #blockchain opens up numerous possibilities how to enhance and make online wagering more pleasurable, inexpensive and secure. Bitwin 2.0 sportsbook leverages the innovative FansUnite Protocol. Follow us to know more! https://t.co/nxva2vmxGv


We are still in pure awe when it comes to design of @bitwin_com games! This is just a #preview of 1.0 platform version! Can't wait to see what surprises will come with tokenized Bitwin 2.0 version 🔥🔥 Give us a shout out with a comment if you liked it! #BWT $BWT #Token https://t.co/gLBNpiLc7z


Crypto casinos are on the rise! #altcoins seem to be the excellent answer for the demands of iGaming fans. #BTC and #ETH use is fueling the growth of the scene. Bitwin Token mission is to connect the newest market advancements with playable, scalable and user- friendly solutions. https://t.co/iwRlmhinb6


https://t.co/5l1a9HhTAs Dear community, We regret to inform you that our team has decided to prolong the Private Sale phase. We hope, that you will understand our decision and continue giving us support.

We are glad to announce that Naviin Kapoor joins Bitwin’s advisory board to orchestrate future directions of blockchain based version of our platform. Mr. Kapoor is one of the most prominent figures in ICO scene and a number three top advisor on ICOBench. https://t.co/3BNS1ga5O1https://t.co/HY03cIklYG


Here are just a few of ways in which #bitwin 2.0 will stand out from the crowd: - one-of-a-kind design and user experience - fully functional platform in 1.0 version - low transaction fees - near instant payouts - #transparency and players' data security #BWT $BWT #Token https://t.co/OVKn4brrI5



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Piotr Baran Head of Front-end Development
Bartłomiej Bulda CEO & Сo-founder
Bartosz Biliński CTO
Kamila Śpiewak CFO
Łukasz Hirsch CMO
Krystian Jablonski CIO
Andrzej Kicza Head of Communications
Ewa Partyka Head of Security Operations
Łukasz Mlynarczyk Head of Support
Greg Skupien Casino & Bonus Tool Product Manager
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