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1 365 000
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138 days ago28 Jul 2019
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135 days27 Apr 2020

We use block chain technology to ensure the protection of intellectual property rights of trademark owners, prevent counterfeiting and protect consumers from counterfeit goods. We create an ecosystem that provides the creation and functioning of hardware and software packages of products, interaction platforms with logistic robots, network and geolocation monitors, smartphone apps marking. BrandProtect platform allows generating the necessary for the user apps and program products, crypto markers for products (digital or QR code), branded smartphone application from any part of the world within minutes. As well as to launch and use all the functionality embedded in them. The information about the origin of items, its characteristics, and properties, terms of its usage, transportation is written in the block chain and stored within the distributed roster ensures immutability, availability, transparency and full replication of data.

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      Project details

      Started 28 July 2019
      5 months ago
      Development statusPrototype / MVP
      Org. StructureCentralized
      Active fromJuly 2019
      AcceptsBTC, ETH, USD, EUR
      Role of tokenPayment
      Token typeUtility
      Hardware walletNo
      Registered companyUkraine


      Total tokens15000000
      ICO Token Price0.5 USD
      Hard cap1365000
      Soft cap525000


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      China’s economic growth may be slowing down, but that hasn’t yet stopped Chinese consumers from spending big on luxury brands. Chinese consumers will snap up 44 percent of luxury goods sold in the world by 2020, up from 15 percent in 2010 https://t.co/LkxQWQWBwg

      Best Global Brands 2018 1️⃣Apple ✔ Brand Value =214,480 $m 2️⃣Google ✔Brand Value =155,506 $m 3️⃣Amazon✔Brand Value =100,764 $m 4️⃣Microsoft ✔Brand Value =92,715 $m 5️⃣Coca-Cola ✔Brand Value =66,341 $m https://t.co/TF1SfmJpiS

      TOP TEN LIST OF FAKE STEEL PRODUCTS 1️⃣Steel 2️⃣Fasteners 3️⃣Valves 4️⃣Pipe 5️⃣Circuit breakers 6️⃣Rotating equipment parts 7️⃣Electric equipment 8️⃣Pipe fittings 9️⃣Pressure vessels 🔟Cement https://t.co/t1Ub8zBKpi


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