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A Cross Platform Protocol for Hedging Yield Sensitivity & Market Price Delta


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The Barnbridge team is proud to announce we will be attending #Mainnet2022 by @messaricrypto . Join us for a week of networking, presentations, and workshops. Use code BarnBridge300 for $300 off your ticket! https://t.co/uoKA426Rv4


#Barnbridge v2 aims to be not just sustainable but "Default-proof" too in terms of its fixed yields! This is possible by our Earned-Yield mechanism, in which cumulative yield earned during the prior epoch guarantees the current epoch’s return. https://t.co/HbURGIDykS


Last weekend, @AudiusProject lost 18M AudiusToken valued at ~$6M in a governance attack. The post-mortem revealed a vulnerability in their contract arising from the use of upgradable proxies. https://t.co/Y0Q7zm9EoN

🚨 2 hrs left until a new Smart Alpha epoch begins. πŸ‚ Think the market has bottomed out? Enjoy 1.8x leverage on #ETH Jr. positions. 🐻 Want to get downside protection in case we go lower this week? Get 35% downside protection on #BTC Sr. positions. https://t.co/wpEDx8SfKyhttps://t.co/gpGuCtyXWH


Soonβ„’ is on the menu. πŸ§‘β€πŸ³

In an industry moving at warp speed, people are not very comfortable locking their assets for extended periods of time. Still, most fixed-income protocols today have ideal maturity in 90-180 day range, which is not very practical. BB v2 will have pools with shorter maturities! https://t.co/lyjr8wWCg5


⏱ 2 hours left until a new SMART Alpha epoch begins. 🐻 Feeling bearish? Seniors get 35% downside protection in the #BTC/USD pool. πŸ‚ Feeling bullish? Juniors get 1.3x leverage in the #ETH/USD pool. Pick your fav pool here:https://t.co/wpEDx8SfKyhttps://t.co/k8DUthcdpE


This is your reminder that BarnBridge v2 is coming. Audits are under way & sustainable fixed yield is on its way.

It's the sheer explicitness of the fixed income products in TradFi that made it a $128T industry. Fixed income DeFi is, however, complex. No surprise that we see lesser participation and even lesser TVL (<$200M). With BarnBridge v2, we are making fixed income a breeze!🌬️ https://t.co/a4GHc2355r


1/ BarnBridge πŸŒ‰ has recently posted an @optimismPBC governance forum proposal to apply for the Governance Fund: Phase 1 program. πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈπŸŒοΈπŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Read the short breakdown & find out why BarnBridge's + Optimism's interests align in the thread below 🧡 ‡️ https://t.co/gLuS0Pd0k1


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