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A Cross Platform Protocol for Hedging Yield Sensitivity & Market Price Delta

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SMART Alpha has been deployed on @0xPolygon The 1st epoch starts on Mon, Sep 27th. Available pools to deposit: - WETH-USD - WBTC-USD - WETH-BTC - WBTC-ETH - WMATIC-USD https://t.co/E3yx5arpiY

And the results are in! The first epoch of SMART Alpha has come to a close - check out the recap here: https://t.co/eKdTWsF3JP ETHUSD Seniors: Up 7.9% in $ETH BTCUSD Seniors: Up 5.2% in $WBTC BTCETH Juniors: Up 9.3% in $WBTC Time to see how contrarian juniors fare in epoch 2.

You have less than 1.5 hours to deposit for the next #SmartAlpha epoch. This past week's seniors are slated to have made some eye-popping yields despite being underwater for most of the week: - ETH (in USD): +11% (569% annualized) - BTC (in USD): +8% (414% annualized) https://t.co/vq1gMhWs98

With less than 24 hours left to deposit into our $ETH and $WBTC #SmartAlpha pools, it’s looking like folks are erring on the side of caution, at least with the ETHUSD pairing. Junior dominance is predicted to be 46%, vs 48% during this ongoing epoch. https://t.co/pjZJ3cEYKL

DAO vote #6 is now live! Cast your vote to allocate 10000 $BOND to a KPI Options pilot with @UMAprotocol for #SmartAlpha If you’ve previously not voted due to gas costs, might be worth letting your voice be heard regardless for… reasons 👀 https://t.co/aCaOFRCiwm

With 48 hours to go before #SmartAlpha epoch 2 starts, let's take a look at how the current epoch has been going! 🧵 If you're unfamiliar with how to deposit or use SA, check out @DeFi_Dad 's tutorial: https://t.co/ek1eA72HEY

Not only have junior positions earned more ETH so far this week, but the value of that ETH has gone up. + Senior positions are showing how they can always end up with either more of the underlying asset or more USD-denominated value, week in and week out. https://t.co/CgTCV9EbOY

With 2.5 hours to go until the first SMART Alpha epoch’s deposits close, take a look at how deposits on either side have impacted what’s offered them. https://t.co/Nh2jyF2bI5


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