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Blank is the most private, non-custodial Ethereum browser wallet. Blank uses smart contracts that allow users to hide the amounts and origins of cryptocurrency held, in a decentralized and frictionless manner.

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Website: goblank.io
Source code: github.com

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Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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We've been featured on @Altcoinbuzzio ! "The blank wallet is an innovative solution that has emerged in response to the ever-increasing demand for privacy and anonymity." Check out the full review here: https://t.co/2RhPnsH0WO

Here's another reminder to take #privacy off-chain seriously. Your data is being collected by third parties at every opportunity. #BlankWallet will support full VPN integration to protect your IP and free you from big data hoarders. #GoBlank https://t.co/fuHxArCCpk

#BlankWallet gives the average #DeFi user access to privacy-enhancing smart contracts. It sounds complex, but we've made it as simple and seamless as possible. Here's what depositing and withdrawing your funds looks like. #GoBlank https://t.co/BTffwzrn3h

We're looking for a new Typescript Developer! Don't hesitate to get in contact if you've got experience with JS/TS and want to work on an exciting #crypto project. Check out the job listing here: https://t.co/VHEvMkRgAD

Aleksandras joined us for a discussion on the future of #privacy . As the founder of #BlankWallet, he's in a good position to share the project's long-term vision and his thoughts on the space in general. Read more πŸ‘‡: https://t.co/75PtNnDz7M

Phase 2 of our mainnet release plan has been initiated! We're waiting for confirmation from Least Authority, but are confident that everything has been resolved. In-house code reviews and public bug bounties are up next! Read our full release plan here: https://t.co/jekuZnw9Lvhttps://t.co/hBRislyTMP

You don't have to make a new address when switching over to #BlankWallet. Simply import your existing address and start your journey to financial #privacy . Here's how you do it. πŸ‘‡ #GoBlank https://t.co/m8d0IcKKJX

The recent explosion of L1 and L2 solutions has made it clear that Blank Wallet must be technology-neutral. We're committed to becoming the best privacy-focused wallet in the space, no matter the network. ⛓️ Wherever there are users, there's a demand for #privacy . πŸ₯·

Here's the first post in our new series! Our lead developer Iman joined us for a deep dive into building the future of privacy. 😎 Read more πŸ‘‡: https://t.co/nJH2YQ4URS

Take a look at how easy connecting to any web3.0 #DApp is with #BlankWallet. In addition, we're already in talks with several protocols about integrating a native "Connect with Blank Wallet" button on their applications. πŸ˜‰ #GoBlank https://t.co/4srQjYu090

We've teamed up with @X41Sec for a security audit!πŸ”’ We're building for long-term success, and laying down solid foundations is a key part of the process. Delivering additional audits is in phase 3 of our mainnet release plan. Once phase 3 is completed, we're clear for launch! https://t.co/PqqEUQPy2s

Check out this sneak peek of our staking #DApp! Our dev team has been building it from the ground up to reduce our reliance on third parties. The staking DApp will reward $BLANK holders with a long-term vision. https://t.co/rE0A0kxrze

We have another month of increased liquidity rewards! Jump in the new Unicrypt farm to earn rewards for holding $BLANK. Read the full instructions here: https://t.co/QjfqnwrnYU

Here's our monthly review for August! βœ… Release plan published βœ… Blank in Action series completed βœ… Help center opened βœ… AMA hosted βœ… Pre-sale tokens recovered βœ… On the hunt for a CMO βœ… Increased liquidity rewards Read more: https://t.co/FhnWnSyh7d

Check out how easy sending funds to #ENS domains is with #BlankWallet! We're learning from the flaws of our competitors to give you the smoothest user experience in the space. #GoBlank https://t.co/zXcybbdQ6k

Thanks to everyone who participated in our AMA! πŸ’¬ We enjoyed the format and will host more in the future. In case you missed it, here's a recap: https://t.co/4mgEmN2LXx


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