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Start date
31 Dec 2020
End date
31 Dec 2020

BiFi (Bifrost Finance) is the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project powered by the multichain technology of Bifrost. Bifrost enables BiFi to be more scalable and transparent than other DeFi services. BiFi will connect directly to Bitcoin and other blockchain networks, thereby expanding the DeFi ecosystem currently limited to Ethereum. We offer lending and borrowing for ETH, USDT, and eventually BTC, and will later support more advanced derivative investment products.


Project details

Role of tokenGovernance
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale5%




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🔥4,000,000 BiFi tokens are allocated to lending & borrowing on Klaytn network for the first 2 months. Act fast - early users on Klaytn will receive extra BiFi rewards and earn higher APY. 🪙Supported tokens on BiFi - Klaytn: KLAY, KETH, KUSDT, KDAI, KUSDC, KWBTC, KXRP https://t.co/BvLvAL0TdP

⚡BiFi is now listed in @BittrexGlobal ! BFC, BiFi is listed in Bittrex Global at October 29, 2021 4pm PDT. Bittrex Global is a premier top 10 exchange with a focus on security and fast and robust technology to enable lightning-fast trades. ⭐ Trade BiFi in Bittrex Global now https://t.co/6Cw9OGms8W


Why @immunefi bug bounty? Trusted by notable clients like Compound, Aave, Synthetix, C.R.E.A.M Finance, and SushiSwap, Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform for DeFi. Recently, THORChain has also carried out a bug bounty with Immunefi after its infamous hacking scandal.

🤝BiFi partners with @immunefi , the leading bug bounty platform for DeFi. For further improvement of our protocol security and the safety of our user funds, we are rewarding white hat hackers to find potential vulnerabilities for rewards up to $100,000. https://t.co/H5kE0Cm0UJ

To put it simply, APYs on Avalanche network > APYs on Ethereum network (as of now). This is because the amount of BiFi rewards to be distributed for Lending are already set, so the earlier you participate in the pool, the higher rewards you'll get. https://t.co/95tHClBZai

🚀 BiFi supports Avalanche network! Avalanche has top 10 TVL in DeFi ecosystem, providing excellent scalability, low gas fee, and fast speed. Start Lending on Avalanche Network Now! https://t.co/I5nm4x8V7Z

📱BiFi X Mobile Optimization📱 Our mobile web interface has been optimized for your best experience. You can now access BiFi X on your mobile devices and trade anywhere, anytime. Try it out on your mobile device now! https://t.co/mMN8fQY5dY

📌BDP-001 is passed and thank you for participating on BDP-001. Reduced BiFi rewards will be used when BiFi extends to other blockchain networks and launch new financial services. https://t.co/kq1d2DL2af


💫 BiFi is officially a DAO! 💫 Voting for BDAO's first proposal begins now and ends October 10th! BDAO's first proposal BDP-001 will vote to reduce the rewards for lending and borrowing by 40%. Vote Now: https://t.co/k7FKmjYQpw

Voting for BDAO's first proposal will start soon in T - 2⃣ hours. Your participation matters to us and the BiFi community 🤝 Didn't swap your BiFi tokens to GBiFi tokens yet? 👀 It's still not too late to swap, but hurry! Swap to GBiFi: https://t.co/RPjYwDYOV4https://t.co/CYmyQLPLwH

(1/2) Why governance in DeFi matters. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It's where BiFi investors, participants, and the whole community come together at a consensus to decide on the future direction of a protocol. A truly decentralized community. https://t.co/oEy8Bfwibt


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