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10 000 000
(20 %)
End goal
48 000 000
Start date
09 Jul 2019
End date
10 Aug 2019

Bitpanda is an easy to use, straight-forward trading platform, which lowers the entry barriers and makes investments accessible for everyone.

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    Project details

    Conditions Whitelist , KYC
    Role of tokenUtility
    Token typeERC20
    Hardware walletNo
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    Total tokens1000000000
    Available for Token Sale50%
    ICO Token Price1 BEST = 0.11 USD (0.10000000 EURO)



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    Did you know that more than 6 milligrams of gold are lost from a wedding ring each year just by wearing it? That’s almost as small as our fees for trading gold. Physically-backed and with ultra-low fees, invest in gold and silver on Bitpanda at https://t.co/UdZwewIPv6 #gold https://t.co/UXnjMNOOb8

    Bitpanda Saving lets you automatically buy digital assets on Bitpanda, how often do you add to your savings? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, head to https://t.co/MQ7pvhsPsf

    Invite friends, earn rewards. With our Tell-a-Friend program, you earn €10 for every successful referral, each friend needs to: ✅ Use your referral link ✅ Get verified ✅ Deposit €25 or more ✅ Trade €25 or more Full program details here: https://t.co/Xe8kYOMoCK #bitpanda https://t.co/dbW0WmGvea

    Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent Reddit AMA with our CEO @TwinWinNerd ! There were lots of great inputs and we’re always keen to hear our users most pressing questions. Check out the recap and Paul’s answers to the top questions: https://t.co/ppva4CMNmn #bitpanda

    Q is for QR code! A scannable image that contains information such as a link or a public address to receive payments. In our ongoing series, you will learn the most popular terms about cryptocurrency and blockchain #bitpanda https://t.co/9EGBdfMlUU

    Our brokerage, account access and API will be temporarily unavailable today (16/9/2019) at 23:00 CET due to scheduled maintenance work. We anticipate this to take about 1 hour and you can access your Bitpanda account again at 00:00 CET. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. https://t.co/QH6cgbdxn6

    We’re proud to welcome Peter Grausgruber as our new Chief Financial Officer! After being the Head of Strategy for OMV’s upstream division for the last 6 years, he now brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to support Bitpanda’s growth strategy https://t.co/ZEczOHvrC7

    “We can now verify transactions that happen on one blockchain on another blockchain in a completely decentralised and trustless way”. Our CEO @TwinWinNerD and our @PantosIO researchers explain the progress of the project and the recent prototype $PAN

    There are a lot of books out there on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, we’ve read quite a few over the years and compiled a list of the 5 must-read books about Bitcoin. Are there any books you think should be on there? 📚 Check out the list at https://t.co/muaZXAidgR #bitcoin https://t.co/nGfjdaN2DP

    Did you know all the mined gold in the world would fill up 3.27 olympic swimming pools? We prefer to keep ours in a high-security storage facility in Switzerland. Invest in gold and silver on Bitpanda, with ultra-low fees, that’s physically backed at https://t.co/KDsGUCxq6D #gold https://t.co/lv6SrzkLvI


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