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Babylon Finance

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Community-led asset management. Powered by DeFi.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens1000000000
Available for Token Sale19%




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Withdrawals are enabled again in the affected gardens As soon as the Rari vote was looking to be rejected, team took immediate action to protect all affected users. Here you can see all the actions we have performed since Thursday against the πŸ•°οΈ https://t.co/75Jz3hmZWc

We continued working really hard during the weekend to get our users the best outcome given the situation. We recovered $717,446 in collateral from affected strategies that were distributed pro-rata to the affected gardens. Days instead of weeks (ahem @RariCapital )

The team is working really hard to react and adjust the strategies affected by the Rari Hack. βœ…First Step: NAV of Rari tokens adjusted to 0. Tomorrow we will recover stuck collateral from the Pool. Deposits/Withdrawals will be enabled EOD Monday PST.

We are pausing deposits & withdrawals in the fountain of ETH and the Stable Garden until the RARI/FEI vote is completed. After it is finalized, we'll do our best to protect our users if they renege on their promise. We'll reenable withdrawals on Monday after the outcome

The new πŸ«€ Heart Epoch has started 🐻 - 1.12 ETH to the treasury (45%) - 16.4 BABL bought as buybacks (10%) - $400 to BABL-ETH (10%) - $800 in gardens (20%) - $400 in liquidity to the Fuse pool (10%) - 0.69 ETH to the shield (5%) https://t.co/tyiPfdhFIS #DeFi

πŸ“± Babylon is now available on your phone. Visit our website with your favorite browser and join your first garden. DeFi Together and deposit gas-free, minimize your taxable transactions, and split the execution costs. https://t.co/2k1YRs3pDvhttps://t.co/FozH9kVzlr


πŸ«€The Heart Of Babylon locking mechanic πŸ” The heart is a Babylon Garden that lets user stake their BABL for two months and generate extra BABL. $BABL in > +$BABL out A staking mechanic is needed to align incentives and reward long-term supporters. https://t.co/w8DSKhEx7vhttps://t.co/Rr2FExhTgn


Do you know that the πŸ«€ Heart receives all the fees from the protocol 0.5% management fee 5% performance fee These fees give the heart the fuel to perform four other mechanics. πŸ«€πŸ«€πŸ«€ https://t.co/a6rVDnjHoo


Tired of high gas fees? 😑 Babylon lets you share the gas fees with hundreds of others Split the fees, share the profits and build wealth together. https://t.co/z2JOY6yaqy #DeFiTogether

Babylon is owned by its users. $BABL has a fixed supply of 1M. 50% allocated to the mining program (10 years) 15% allocated to the treasury 4% allocated to liquidity events Total of 69% was allocated to the community. DeFiTogether https://t.co/AQiQI3WHx6



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