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Important: IEO on Bitforex; IEO Hardcap - 1,500,000 USD; Token Price - 0,00012 USD

3 300 000
(11 %)
End goal
28 900 000
Sales started
50 days ago30 May 2019
Sales ends in
11 days31 Jul 2019

Azbit will combine the world of
traditional finance with the world
of cryptocurrencies.

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    Project details

    Org. StructureCentralized
    Role of tokenUtility
    Token typeERC20
    Hardware walletNo


    Total tokens401408000000
    Available for Token Sale60%
    ICO Token Price1 AZ = 0.0001 USD


    by @azbit_news 0 followers

    The long-awaited moment is about to come! #Azbit token sale is just 12 days from the finish line and July 30 is the last opportunity to buy #AZ tokens. 🎁 Great news: for the final 12 days, the purchase bonus will be increased to 8 percent! More👉https://t.co/aWi2sjI4RAhttps://t.co/gWO17TwKp9

    🇯🇵Azbit at OSAKA Blockchain GameShow 2019🇯🇵 Azbit took part in the conference not by chance: as we have announced recently, two modules of Azbit exchange (Dice🎲 and Blackjack♠️) will specialize in games with cryptocurrencies. Read more👇 https://t.co/wSbNxufrrlhttps://t.co/6rYgQ1CYDC

    Dear partners, We remind that AZ trading on BitForex will be opened on August 1 at 5 PM (GMT+8). Transactions with AZ tokens will be unlocked simultaneously with AZ deposit and withdrawal opening on BitForex - on August 5 at 5 PM (GMT+8). More 👇 https://t.co/EwkyEeVY3ahttps://t.co/bv9aZszatH

    Azbit CEO: “Dear friends, our yesterday’s announcement of launching IEO and rescheduling of AZ trading raised many questions. And now I feel it is time for an open conversation."🙏 Please, read the full letter from CEO👇 https://t.co/QvtubeXTBkhttps://t.co/9x180NH1e6

    🔥TOP SECRET INFO!🔥 As the first module of Azbit exchange will be launched🚀 within a month, the time has come to put it all out. Azbit exchange will combine ❗️two dozen❗️ of different modules. Details 👉 https://t.co/BrnvELywpchttps://t.co/aNIc8nFMwN

    Roger Ver: “Go, Azbit, Go!”🚀 After successful negotiations in Tokyo, #Azbit had moved to Seoul where a public meet up took place. On the eve of the event, #RogerVer left for a business trip to Mexico, but he could not miss such an important meeting😉

    Everything you wanted to know about the outcome of negotiations in Tokyo.😉 But seriously, you are already up to speed on Azbit’s ace in the hole: our advisor Roger Ver has joined the negotiation process. What was the outcome? Check Medium to find out👇 https://t.co/Szlq5sZZiXhttps://t.co/QlgrKuDM4n

    🚀Soft Cap Is Reached!🚀 Infusions of Korean angel investors took Azbit abroad the minimum amount of money it was aiming to raise. Summing up with funds raised on BitForex, Azbit has collected about a million dollars over the past weeks! More👇 https://t.co/brIbGcJBX8https://t.co/lwcV4wyhBJ

    Dear friends, Azbit has nothing to do with Bitsane. The second thing we have to say - Azbit is as deceived as Bitsane’s victims are. 🔺🔺🔺 Don’t make hasty conclusions and let us tell you what is REALLY going on. Please, check the detailed explanation👇 https://t.co/Y7uo3hnGw0https://t.co/wN6b4QJWnw

    LAST HOURS of #Azbit Token Sale on #BitForex!😱 The 2nd round will be closed in a matter of hours - at 9 PM (GMT +8) on June 12. Don’t miss the last opportunity to get Silver, Gold and Platinum Bonuses. 👇BUY AZ TOKENS👇 https://t.co/wEuovUwAY2https://t.co/9Cw7wUCn0E

    3 HOURS left until Token Sale on #BitForex! 🚀 The launch is scheduled for 9 PM (GMT +8). 👉 those who purchase AZ tokens in first 10 minutes will get up to $2000! 👉 one of the previous TS on BitForex was completed in ONLY 1m 53s! Time is limited! 🔥https://t.co/NM2NaV7ZAohttps://t.co/cWohuR8B5J

    Don’t forget to set the alarm! ⏰ #Azbit Token Sale on Bitforex starts at 9 PM (GMT +8) May 30, 2019. One of the previous TS on BitForex was completed 🚀 in only 1 minute 53 second! Putting off the purchase of AZ, you risk to get late. More 👉 https://t.co/F8tqb7laa2https://t.co/45Eb4bMpUA


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