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Important: IEO on Bitforex; IEO Hardcap - 1,500,000 USD; Token Price - 0,00012 USD

3 300 000
(33 %)
End goal
10 000 000
Sales started
292 days ago01 Dec 2018
Sales ends in
days31 Jul 2019

Azbit will combine the world of
traditional finance with the world
of cryptocurrencies.

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    Project details

    Org. StructureCentralized
    Role of tokenUtility
    Token typeERC20
    Hardware walletNo


    Total tokens401408000000
    Available for Token Sale60%
    ICO Token Price1 AZ = 0.0001 USD


    by @azbit_news 0 followers

    All bounty rewards will be distributed until October 1, 2019. To receive AZ that are due to you, please register on https://t.co/3Oi5oRAJjB and go through KYC (you must use THE SAME email and wallet that you specified when registered for participation in the bounty program). https://t.co/kawo8w2ejS

    We have great news on the eve of the weekend! The long-awaited launch of Azbit exchange is coming soon. Its 1st module - the exchange itself - is scheduled to be at the services of customers at 8 PM (UTC+8) Monday October 21, 2019. More 👉 https://t.co/PLxCBEnoTvhttps://t.co/XNyXfCkt05

    As Azbit always acts in the interests of our investors we have committed to accrue Silver, Gold and Platinum bonuses for the 2nd round of Azbit Premium Token Offering on BitForex. To date, the distribution process has been successfully completed. More👉 https://t.co/iPEXfxTdEPhttps://t.co/WHsRFmYRas

    The long-awaited moment is getting closer: AZ token will be listed on https://t.co/txYyZDCYB9 at 8 PM (UTC+8) August 28, 2019. Further details including trading pairs and deposit/withdrawal opening will be announced in the coming days. https://t.co/laKddSA3JI

    Azbit recommends investors to make withdrawals from BitForex as soon as possible. We regret to report that BitForex has blocked Azbit operating account making it impossible to withdraw AZ tokens left on it. More👉https://t.co/uUgrp4n25ihttps://t.co/9zuwsyy1Id

    We have repeatedly stated that all unsold #AZ will be destroyed. The first step was to burn tokens left after the token sale on BitForex. To date, 10365802834.68259968 AZ are already burned. What's next? More 👉 https://t.co/1jlt9ELUQjhttps://t.co/eON1R9WhoA

    Azbit team has completed token distribution for advisors, team, reserve fund, affiliate program participants. These tokens will be transferred to vesting smart contracts for a lock-up period. More 👉 https://t.co/18n0HPkJh6https://t.co/JWM90YmJjP

    Dear partners, We've just got confirmation from #Hotbit that #AZ withdrawal will be opened at 8 AM (UTC) August 14. You will be able to withdraw #Azbit tokens to your personal Ethereum wallets soon. We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. https://t.co/vzlpCw0ccw

    Dear partners, The much awaited token AZ unlock will occur TODAY at 9 PM (UTC) August 6, 2019 . In just a few hours, you will be able to make the following types of operations with AZ: transfers, deposits, withdrawals, trading. Thank you for your patience! https://t.co/OCeSc9ZbSX

    Letter 📩 from CEO: ICO is completed. What’s next? “Azbit came to the market to stay on it for a long time. AZ tokens are a long-term investment. As Azbit will consistently launch project’s components, the demand for our token will grow. Full letter👇 https://t.co/dmm9ZmVWkfhttps://t.co/Ox3UOwxUpT

    Dear friends, We successfully completed our ICO!🎉 We thank everyone who has been with us and supported us throughout the Token Sale. A letter📩 from Azbit CEO Max Zmitrovich will be published soon, stay tuned! https://t.co/amg8XtUFUN


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