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a2dao is project accelerator & Investment platform.

Website: a2dao.com
Discussion: t.me
Social: @a2dao_

Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo



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Today on the NFT - Stars Platform will be an auction of original oil NFT - painting autographed by Vitalik Buterin! Meet the "CryptoMother"! @nftstars1 #A2DAO $ATD https://t.co/8Wu9Z6aegt

A2DAO present the update of the ATD vesting schedule! On average, the amount of unlocked tokens will be equal to 25,000$ USDT in ATD tokens equivalent per day, and will depend on volume, liquidity and price of ATD token. Details: πŸ‘‰ https://t.co/SfKaUWx5Hs #A2DAO $ATD https://t.co/eiYez8zLd2

NFT Stars are going live today at 14.00 UTC! Uniswap & Pancake at the same time! β†’ Only 358k$ initial market cap β†’ Huge VCs & Partners β†’ Experienced team Good luck NFT Stars! @nftstars1 #A2DAO $ATD https://t.co/Zz5WiFYntx

Dear friends! We present a new format for private rounds of projects: fundraising will be held according to the oversubscription model, and will proceed in ATD tokens. After the event β€” ATD tokens will be burned. Details: β†’ https://t.co/vZ7FI91M5e @a2dao_ #A2DAO $ATD https://t.co/uVUcwmyomR


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