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ARPA is a blockchain based privacy computation network, which enables data to be shared and used without disclosing the raw data to anyone during data-at-use



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🤲Unique random number for unique you. 🪄Thanks to the verifiability and determinism of threshold BLS, #Randcast promises you an unforgeable and unique random number.🎲 #randomness #threshold BLS #RNG

🌞 Gm Arparians! 🧐 Inspiring conversation between our CEO @felixmxu and @HiltonSupra , insights exchanged on concepts and utilities of encryption tech #MPC #BLS threshold signature, as well as #CeFi #DeFi that @BellaProtocol focuses on. ▶️ Enjoy watching

Randcast is designed to adapt to multiple chains, which facilitates developers from multiverse casting “randomness” spells. Our underlying threshold signature network will keep consistency between the different data replicas. #Randcast #randomness #threshold BLS https://t.co/cQBwQKMVhz


🔥ARPA is now listed on @krakenfx !🔥 🏄Since our inception in early 2018, we've been trying to adopt high-standard engineering practices into the #blockchain space so that the industry can further move from building interesting toys to mission-critical products.🚀🚀 https://t.co/LsOEWUhsqo


Happy Friday Arparians!🙌 #ARPA's June progress review is out! Take a look back at our development dynamics & project growth and see what we have been up to for the past month. 🤗Thank you for your love and support as always! Enjoy your weekend!🏄 https://t.co/wMRNmElJv4

🌞 Gm Arparians!🌴🌊🏄 🧐 Come check and see if there are things on your shopping list!!🛒🛍️ https://t.co/anM6b8llEe

We are drafting the whitepaper of the BLS network and ironing out the detailed design, working on constructing scenarios for the automated testing next. Stay tuned!🚀

Gm Arparians!☀️#ARPA's May progress review is out! Take a look back at our development dynamics & project growth and see what we have been up to for the past month. 🤗Thanks for your love and support as always! Come hang with us if you are in #Austin!!🙆‍♂️ https://t.co/rQKiwpdPzi

A brief demo of our BLS network POC generating random number🎲: 1⃣Start the controller server (a smart contract mock). 2⃣Nodes join the network, monitoring the BLS task after completing the DKG process (grouping nodes). https://t.co/tMo5sCpDLU



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