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APY Finance

3 600 000
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Start date
05 Nov 2020
End date
07 Nov 2020

APY.Finance smart contracts continuously route your funds to a portfolio of the latest-and-greatest yield farming strategies.


Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens100000000



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🗳 Next week will mark a significant milestone for the platform as we will hand over various proposals to the platform’s governance. $APY token holders will be able to vote on nominated and vetted farms to integrate within the Alpha build upon release.

🔐 Our engineers have completed Zap integrations for various Curve pools will allow us to dynamically jump in and out of each pool, and allow only permitted actions that we’ve thoroughly vetted, tested, and registered with the platform’s LP account.

🔐 This week, our team has completed core implementation and testing for an LP account proxy contract. This proxy contract acts as a filter, preventing any compromised admin accounts from accessing certain platform controls and reducing the attack surface of this rare event.

🗳 Governance proposals for the initial pool of farms from evaluated Aave and Curve pools will be hosted on our Snapshot page over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more information on how $APY token holders can participate in governance votes. https://t.co/S78ai6X0Uq

🗳 By more strictly defining the available actions of the day-to-day management of the yield farming platform, we are now able to allow our governance to define how, and in what ways, the protocols are controlled.

📂 Following the completion of platform development pertaining to TVL management, our team has also completed preliminary asset allocation integrations for the following pools: Aave - DAI - USDC - USDT Curve pools - 3pool - AAVE - alUSD - BUSDv2 - Compound - FRAX 1/2

The Tour Guide is pivotal in introducing new users to yield farming, as our mission with https://t.co/ohiMgjJ1QE is to provide the simplest and most accessible yield farming experience possible for both new and experienced users. 2/2

🌐 Our front-end team has begun planning the platform’s “Tour Guide” update, which will guide users through the process of yield farming and staking on each page of the new layout. We’ve designed a more future-proof Tour Guide that will be more resilient to future UI updates. 1/2

🔒 Our team is implementing individual asset allocations that use our newly developed TVL management system which will be able to directly and autonomously pull TVL values directly from different governance tokens and pools.

🌐 This week, our front-end team has fully integrated our UI feedback system’s pop-up triggers which will display error messages to users, I.E. unsupported network, oracle maintenance, and account notifications. Below is a preview of some of the implemented notification pop-ups. https://t.co/fVpJn4Xb29

🚀 We are nearing the completion of all necessary ‘Oracles & Pricing’ developments required for the Alpha launch. This frees the bandwidth of our engineers to shift their focus toward other avenues of development.

📂 We’ve simplified our method of funding liquidity provisions by developing a more autonomous solution. This results in a function that is intentionally less powerful and has less access to the platform, so we can run it more freely than functions that have more power.

Our engineers have spent this week developing security updates based on feedback from our standard smart contract audit received by @HalbornSecurity . We will continue to iterate on further security updates over the next few weeks before releasing the audit publicly.

🚀 Implementing security updates based on a conducted smart contract audit, simplifying our method of funding liquidity provisions, and the complete integration of our UI feedback system. Read more: https://t.co/p40WFtNxO2https://t.co/Ver43uGVfQ

🌐 Our front-end team has completed implementing the state management and event handling functionality of the UI feedback system. This involved building out the template for the pop-up component (also known as “toast” notifications), as well as the context component.


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