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KYC needed to buy ICO, Soft Cap: 3000000 USD

End goal
100 000 000
Sales started
30 days ago17 Jan 2019
Sales ends in
days31 Jan 2019

Global First Decentralized Funding Platform.

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Project details

Started 17 January 2019
about 1 month ago
Development statusAlpha version
Org. StructureCentralized
Active fromJanuary 2019
TagsPlatform (215)
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  • Token type
    Hardware walletNo


    Total tokens20000000000
    Available for Token Sale2654000000
    ICO Token Price0.06 USD


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    📌IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR AIDUS EXCHANGE AID Coin details for registration: 🔹 Address : 0xD178b20c6007572bD1FD01D205cC20D32B4A6015 🔹 Symbol : AID 🔹 Digit : 8 ❗️Please, DO NOT send AID Coin that you've recieved from airdrop back to this address. #Aidus #exchange #blockchain https://t.co/YQiFAjMnfS

    The best confirmation that the decentralized blockchain platform is successful is its appearance in different spheres of life. 🤗 IBM Partnership Uses Blockchain, IoT to Combat Drought in California https://t.co/iaLN7ueptT via @cointelegraph

    The AIDUS Team members are glad to see great results of AIDUS Project, showing stability and high return We would like to thanks everybody who support and believe in our project! 🙏 Here you could see the weekly updated of QTS Yield Rate - https://t.co/xx7Dy04hAX #Aidus #qts https://t.co/uhkVWOxhu3


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