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250 000
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In the first 2 rounds, 50% buyers get their money back and their AAB for FREE

AAB is AAX’s native platform token. On a mission to connect crypto to global finance, AAX is introducing a series of innovative financial instruments such as tokenized commodities, indices, Bitcoin dimension products, social trading programs, and security tokens. AAB enables traders to engage these novel instruments and to share in the growth of the exchange.

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Project details

Role of tokenUtility
Min/Max Personal Cap1000$ / TBA
Token typeERC20
Hardware walletNo


Total tokens50000000
ICO Token Price1 AAB = 1.00 USD



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For those of our users who want to take advantage of the opportunities in DeFi, without venturing into DeFi, keep a close eye on AAX Exchange. @BenCaselin #Defi #Savings #TheFedIsDead https://t.co/gmOxYxA0Hb

#Ankr offers to take away #centralization issues and single point of failure when hosting #blockchain nodes. It uniquely uses trusted hardware to ensure a high level of security, placing it in a strategic position as the #Web3 movement gathers momentum. https://t.co/1PUlVvPWJJ

“Because we will continue on the road with our money, which is our fundamental identity in this matter,” Turkish President Erdogan said this Friday. While he supports the spread of digital assets, Turkey is still at war against #Bitcoin. https://t.co/I9ifEqA5iq #crypto #Turkey

As the native token of #Cardano blockchain platform, #ADA came as the third-largest #cryptocurrency by Sep 18, 2021 with an impressive percentage gain of 9500% after the 2020 March crash. Adding the Cardano deploying smart contracts this year, the community has been bullish. https://t.co/HTW9LljY6n

#Linear Finance is a #DeFi project that leverages the benefits of cross-chain functionality and synthetic assets to offer a near-instant and cost-efficient trading experience for users. You can trade its native token of #LINA right away on #AAX now! https://t.co/a8jJJcThJD

If this is indeed one of the last week this year to get in on crypto at these price levels, then what would you buy? #Bitcoin? #Ethereum? #Cardano? #Solana? Or is this one of those moment you want to ape in on #Dogecoin again? https://t.co/V1DXpmYqlj

#Bitcoin is often accused of having no intrinsic value and misbranded as ‘money out of thin air’. However, it's predictable and incorruptible, making it a good unit of measurement that carries inherent value. So does it really have no intrinsic value? https://t.co/zcSiXexl32

If #crypto is the answer the people are looking for, then #AAX is there to help you reach a new height in this space. Your experience is important and has helped us to refocus our product roadmap to build a better UX/UI for you. You can view our work here: https://t.co/SRpEvYL49Z

We often hear about price targets - and the media play their part in driving hype around price targets. But is this a healthy way to approach the market? Do you have a price target? #Bitcoin @BenCaselin https://t.co/UOgtlHPG5g

One big problem in the video #gaming industry is the pay-to-win model where players pay more in the games then they will get to win easily. #Blockchain gaming reverses the gaming experience to a play-to-earn model, making it actually for players. https://t.co/EOw4Yt4pOy #crypto

Subscribe, share and invite friends to #AAX’s Savings to share a prize pool of 30,000 USDT!!🥳 🗓Event period: 10:00, Sep 17, 2021 - 10:00, Oct 2, 2021 (UTC) ⚠️First come, first serve 📌 Details are here: https://t.co/U5jheaBmmQ Don't hesitate, check it out now! https://t.co/pPjSbKJ1nP

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