Les détails is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can only be used for Brazilians. The company was founded by four people that were interested in bringing Bitcoin trading to the mainstream investors of Brazil. They are Carlos André Montenegro (CEO), a digital entrepreneur, Daniel Coquieri (COO), from the tech sector, Fabio Santos (CSO) which has a background of more than 20 years in the tech and security sector and Jorn Filho (CTO), also a digital entrepreneur. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the company is fully audited and compliant with the Brazilian laws.

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Volume total 104 517 €
15,35 BTC
Rank 184
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HQ LocationBrazil

Les marchés

#La monnaie paireVolume (24 h)Prix ​​Volume (%)CatégorieType de fraisMise à jour
1Bitcoin Bitcoin 82 261,59 € 6 871,06 € 78.71% SpotPercentage 1 minute ago
2XRP XRP 10 186,57 € 0,203062 € 9.75% SpotPercentage 1 minute ago
3Litecoin Litecoin 7 199,16 € 41,70 € 6.89% SpotPercentage 1 minute ago
4Ethereum Ethereum 3 793,22 € 136,44 € 3.63% SpotPercentage 1 minute ago
5Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash 1 076,37 € 194,96 € 1.03% SpotPercentage 1 minute ago
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