Date de l'événement 20 juillet 2021
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Can we get a sticky regarding this topic? It'd clear up the daily convo on this sub a great deal. **What is ETH 2.0?:** A series of upgrades to the Ethereum network explained [here]( **Do I have to do anything?:** No. This is an update to the network itself, Ether held in your wallet or on an exchange or anywhere else is still the same after the merge. **What will happen to the price?:** Who knows. **When will it be released?:** At some point in the future. ETH2 is series of features/fixes with separate development work and release dates. PoS itself might see an accelerated release this year but there are no guarantees. You can follow the Ethereum dev teams work if you wish to keep closer tabs. **Answers to all of these questions can be found on the []( site.** * [Staking]( * [Proof-of-Stake]( * [ETH2 in general]( * [_Ethereum itself_]( u/Tyra3l provided a link to, which does a great job of summing things up.

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