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Soferox is a decentralized network such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, NEM, or even Stratis. We are not utilizing old fashion methods such as Proof of Work, like Bitcoin, or Proof of Stake like Ethereum. Soferox uses a new, innovative way to secure blocks called Proof of Pact.

Soferox is indeed a cryptrocurrency and our Coin is called SFX. To send SFX from one account to another usually takes 1-10 seconds. After being mined successfully in about 2 minutes the transaction will be seen as immutable in the transaction chain.

Soferox is making blockchain tech easy, scalable, and stable for everyday use Backed behind a powerful API and easy to use SDK. With soferox you can develop social networks, games, messengers, IoT apps, Financial apps, and so much more. This can all be done within the Soferox chain, or you can create your own blockchain with your own corresponding coins. Completely decentralized and all without the headaches of complicated consensus algorithms or P2P (Proof of Pact) networking protocols.

Soferox [SFX] est un crypto-monnaie avec sa propre blockchain. Le prix le plus réel pour un Soferox [SFX] is 0,000336 €. Soferox est coté sur les bourses 1 avec une somme de 1 marchés actifs. Le volume 24h de [SFX] est 0,057474 €, tandis que le Soferox la capitalisation boursière est 0 € qui le classe comme #0 de toutes les crypto-monnaies. Vous pouvez trouver plus d'informations sur Soferox [SFX] sur

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