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Launched in January 2018, Nanex is the premier trading platform for Nano coin and provides crypto-crypto trading service. The Nanex website does not provide any information about the company operating the exchange, its location, nor the manner in which the clients’ assets are stored. In addition, it provides an online wallet where you can keep and transact the coins supported by the exchange, and also uses one of the most effective measures against coin theft - Two-factor authentication (2FA).

Volume change
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Total Volume 362.58 USD
0.10 BTC


#CurrencyPairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee typeUpdated
1BitcoinBitcoinBTC/NANO$361$3 468.4199.62%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
2LitecoinLitecoinLTC/NANO$1$41.960.35%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
3Bitcoin PrivateBitcoin PrivateBTCP/NANO$0$1.250.03%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
4DecredDecredDCR/NANO$0$13.670%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
5PhorePhorePHR/NANO$0$0.1337220%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
6MoneroMoneroXMR/NANO$0$43.050%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
7GarlicoinGarlicoinGRLC/NANO$0$0.0016720%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
8EthereumEthereumETH/NANO$0$117.840%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
9RavencoinRavencoinRVN/NANO$0$0.0108900%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
10LindaLindaLINDA/NANO$0$0.0005430%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
11NIXNIXNIX/NANO$0$0.2005820%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
12RavencoinRavencoinRVN/BTC$0$0.0108340%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
13NervaNervaXNV/BTC$0$0.0541710%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
14NervaNervaXNV/NANO$0$0.0334300%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
15Bitcoin PrivateBitcoin PrivateBTCP/BTC$0$1.440%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
16NIXNIXNIX/BTC$0$0.1440960%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
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