Event date 31 December 2021
Event description

Polkacity will release a NFT game where people use their own NFTs like Polka Lambo, Polka Hotel, Polka Disco etc.

Proof link: https://coinmarketcal.com/event/nft-game-release-63765

Proof link preview: NFT Game Release image

Past Events

Date Event description
31 December 2021 22 days agoPolkadot Integration
31 December 2021 22 days agoNFT Game Release
31 December 2021 22 days agoBeta NFT Game Release
30 November 2021 about 1 month agoKuCoin Listing
14 November 2021 2 months agoToken Burn
09 November 2021 2 months agoPolka City Land NFT Sales
09 November 2021 2 months agoAMA with Bitboy Crypto

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