Event date 31 May 2018
Event description

"... We are working on something very cool. Unfortunately we have to keep it a surprise for you all till the end of May....".

Proof link: https://medium.com/mybit-dapp/weekly-update-w-16-5e99c289a9fb

Proof link preview:

Past Events

Date Event description
03 July 2018 over 3 years agoAMA July
31 May 2018 over 3 years agoPartnership Announcement
31 May 2018 over 3 years ago"Very Cool" Announcement
15 May 2018 over 3 years agoMyBit Meetup
10 May 2018 over 3 years agoMyBit Rebrand Release
16 March 2018 over 3 years agoWeekly Progress Update

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