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NERAEX is an entry-level cryptocurrency exchange based in Japan. At this point in time they are not regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA). All Bitcoin transactions on this exchange are charged with a 0.05% fee. Altcoin trading is twice as expensive, at 0.10%.

Cambio de volumen
Volumen total 6 988 803.86 USD
1 918.13 BTC
sitio webneraex.pro


#AccionesParvolumen ( 24 horas )PrecioVolumen (%)CategoryFee typeActualizado
1BitcoinBitcoinBTC/USD$6 301 932$3.680.8390.32%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
2EthereumEthereumETH/USD$606 802$120.408.70%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
3OmiseGOOmiseGOOMG/BTC$41 947$1.270.60%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
4TenXTenXPAY/BTC$9 865$0.2972630.14%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
5TRONTRONTRX/BTC$9 496$0.0253910.14%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
6Kyber NetworkKyber NetworkKNC/BTC$4 637$0.1358090.07%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
7StatusStatusSNT/BTC$2 004$0.0232050.03%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
8Sakura BloomSakura BloomSKB/BTC$774$0.0017120.01%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
9GroestlcoinGroestlcoinGRS/BTC$68$0.2003610%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
10BytomBytomBTM/BTC$4$0.0782500%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
11NebulasNebulasNAS/BTC$3$0.5814120%SpotNo Fees1 minute ago
12EOSEOSEOS/BTC$0$5.800%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
13VeChainVeChainVET/BTC$0$0.4676800%SpotUnknown1 minute ago
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