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About Sir-Coin

The Sir Meme Coin, a distinctive digital currency that pays homage to one of the internet's most iconic memes. This coin represents not just a financial asset but a celebration of a cultural phenomenon that has captivated the digital community worldwide.

Sir-Coin facilitates a range of activities within its ecosystem, from trading and investment to exclusive access to community events. Beyond its utility as a cryptocurrency, we offer an associated NFT collection, representing unique digital assets with inherent value and benefits within our ecosystem.

Our platform is built on the Solana network, chosen for its unparalleled security and efficiency, ensuring a seamless experience for our users. Currently available for purchase on Raydium, we are in the process of expanding our presence across additional marketplaces and exchanges.

We invite you to join our journey by following us on social media, where you can engage with our growing community and contribute to the shaping of the Sir-Coin's future. Your participation is crucial to our collective success, offering an opportunity to be part of something truly innovative in the digital currency space. Feel like a Sir!

Sir-Coin [SIR] ist ein/eine Token basierend auf Solana blockchain. Der aktuellste Preis für einen Sir-Coin [SIR] is $0. Sir-Coin ist an den Exchanges von 0 mit einer Summe von 0 aktiven Märkten notiert. Das 24h Volumen von [SIR] ist $0, während die Sir-Coin Markt Kapitalisierung ist $0 welches es als 'no rank' einstuft aller Kryptowährungen. Weitere Informationen zu Sir-Coin [SIR] finden Sie unter like-a-sir.space

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Sir-Coin Basics

Entwicklungsstatus Working product
Org. Struktur Centralized
Konsensmechanismus Not mineable
Algorithmus None
Gestartet 18 January 2024
6 months ago
Asset typeToken
Contract Address
Explorers (1)
  • Solana (SOL) Token (2863)

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