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    Xchange Coin is project that was developed by a team that had felt the cold hands of these so called “false promises” developers. So we decided to make a coin that enables the user to gain the power back in trading/bartering. To save the crypto community from suffering the scams of otc trading and start-up sales we designed a coin for the purpose of using it as an auto-escrow service. We realized that there are too many malicious characters out there preying on people who want to be part of this historical time

    1) We have an auto-escrow built into our wallet, with future plans of making it into a multi-wallet. We will deliver a usable product from day one, not false promises, but a coin that has an actual real world purpose. The use of the auto-escrow feature will depend on a fee of XCG. Thus providing the coin with instant
    valuation at launch. ONLY coin to do it!

    2) We also have a built in buy your XCG feature based on supported cryptocurrencies that can be expanded at the request of the community. So no dealing with people to get XCG for use in an escrow trade or as an investment.

    3) We also looked at other coins and saw the challenges that they were facing due to vulnerabilities in their code base. In preemptive response we decided to implement a kill switch into our wallet that can stop exploits in their tracks. We are currently working on an auto update system, so user that can't breath, sleep, and eat crypto (and the less technical crowd) can easily update their wallets when required.

    Premine: 2.700.000 coins

    Xchange [XCG] é um criptomoeda com sua própria blockchain. O preço mais atual por uma Xchange [XCG] is 0,000079 €. Xchange é listada nas 1 exchanges com a soma de 1 mercados ativos. O volume de 24h [XCG] é 10,42 €, enquanto o Xchange market cap é 772,22 € que o classifica como #0 sobre todas as criptomoedas. Você pode encontrar mais informações sobre Xchange [XCG] em

    Social (followers): Reddit (26)
    Código fonte github.com
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    0,382903 € 23 Sep 2018 % to ATH (483 097.73%)
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