Bitcoin Incognito

Bitcoin Incognito
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Bitcoin Incognito (XBI) is a cryptocurrency that takes Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin and adds to the concept in a way that makes it both more environmentally conscious and private for its users. Bitcoin Incognito being Proof-of-Stake with Masternodes means that users are able to mint coins without using any more energy than a personal computer. Masternodes also make for fast, secure transactions and are inherently resistant to 51% attacks. Bitcoin incognito uses zerocoin protocol to ensure that users ...

Asset Type coin
Market Cap
All Time High
$0.718576 02 Nov 18 % to ATH (178 923.80%)
Circulating Supply
Volume (24h)
13 031 736 Total: 13 031 736
Vol / M Cap (24h)
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