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STEM CELL COIN [SCC] is a token based on NEO blockchain. The most actual price for one STEM CELL COIN [SCC] is $0.009653. STEM CELL COIN is listed on 2 Exchanges with a sum of 2 active markets. The 24h volume of [SCC] is $5 979.85, while the STEM CELL COIN market cap is $3 095 239 which ranks it as #559 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about STEM CELL COIN [SCC] on

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      Market Cap Rank 559
      All Time High
      $3 095 239 311.00 BTC
      $0.094318 05 Jun 2019 % to ATH (877.11%)
      Circulating Supply
      Volume (24h) Rank 1240
      320 658 118 Total: 5 000 000 000
      $5 979.85 0.600911 BTC
      Vol / M Cap (24h)

        STEM CELL COIN details

        WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailDownload
        Open SourceNo
        Proof Type
        Platform NEONEO
        Hardware wallet No

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              by @stemcellapp 2.99k followers

              If you break something you can put it back together, so why should it be different with your body? We have abundant stem cells, you only need the right service to access the best treatments. SCI will get the job done with an easy-to-use platform. Recover your #health with SCI! https://t.co/XDXE9j7B0J

              We always talk about the many discoveries with #stemcell therapies. However, that doesn’t mean much if people can’t access those treatments. That’s where SCI comes in! Our mobile app will ensure that people get more access all over the world to bring stem cells to the masses. https://t.co/0NCCgFzqQ3

              In another case of success, Ty Everett, a Medford student who was coping with visual loss since he was a kid, has improved his sight thanks to Stem Cell therapy. Can you imagine the potential for future treatments to improve sight? Learn more: https://t.co/Wa0YGS9ywfhttps://t.co/awneJcdSw3

              Not all stem cells are good. Leukemic stem cells are malignant and have been very hard to eliminate in cancer treatments, until now. Recently, researchers have invented a biosensor that can isolate and target these cells, which will be of major help to fight this deadly disease. https://t.co/JtOLYYh1OY

              Stem Cell treatments are becoming increasingly popular among NFL players. That’s why the coach of the Los Angeles Rams is considering this procedure for Todd Gurley's knee. This is a step in the right direction for mass adoption, but there is still much research to be done. https://t.co/Twj4zyu9H0

              Did you know that #StemCells divide faster in space? Scientists revealed that the difference in performance might be caused because of microgravity, but the reason behind this change is still unknown. This case can help future experiments that only stem cells can achieve! https://t.co/GwJOn1kGTw

              Take a closer look at the future of medicine! Imagine that you could do everything you need from one single app. Make appointments, pay for treatments and talk directly to stem cell specialists. We are making this a reality in 2019. Learn more: https://t.co/Wa0YGSr9nNhttps://t.co/GDj8BIlwTf

              More than 5,000 people showed up at an event that was looking for a stem cell donor for 5-year-old cancer patient Oscar Saxelby-Lee. His parents were stunned to discover how many people were willing to help! Read this inspiring story: https://t.co/WMDxf7Qbvxhttps://t.co/iplUKYg5G8

              Stem Cell Treatments often require days of travel because they are not very accessible to the public. The SCIapp is the solution! We'll bring #stemcells closer to people who need it the most because of their location or lack of resources. Want to be part of this innovation? https://t.co/nrPnrrtMzA

              A London man appears to be free of AIDS thanks to a stem cell transplant, making it the second success after the “Berlin patient”. There is still no trace of the virus after 18 months off the pills. A new step to find the cure to HIV is here. Let’s join the fight against AIDS! https://t.co/Y3hXSnUEGk

              Is it possible to rejuvenate an aging brain? An experiment made with stem cells on aging mice seems to suggest so. As a result, the dormant stem cells started proliferating again. and their ratio of active to dormant stem cells became almost as favorable as in young animals. https://t.co/rmiwF5rc5g

              The latest #stemcells discovery has found that it's possible to use these cells to regenerate a damaged bone. The idea behind this treatment is to bring a semi-synthetic scaffold into the body that attracts stem cells and turns them into bone cells. The future is today! https://t.co/YzsVqwUx4d

              Stem Cell therapy could provide a better treatment for Parkinson's disease that would last throughout a patient's lifespan. There is still a long way to perfect this kind of therapy, but if successful, stem cells could play a key role to repair the brain. #health #stemcells https://t.co/uNY2aav9xw

              It’s been a week since Jocelyn McGlynn received a stem cell transplant to fight against cancer. The family is relieved knowing the search for a donor is over, and she has been showing her fighting spirit. We have to wait to see the results. The SCI Team wishes them the best! https://t.co/mP7B1Ni6zN

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              STEM CELL COIN Exchanges

              #SourceVolume (24h) FIATs
              1Coinbene81.93% -
              2Coinsbit18.07% USD, EUR

              STEM CELL COIN Markets

              By Volume
              #ExchangePairVolume (24h)PriceVolume (%)CategoryFee TypeUpdated
              1CoinbeneSCC/BTC $4 901.64 $0.009908 81.93%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
              2CoinsbitSCC/BTC $1 081.02 $0.008521 18.07%SpotPercentage1 minute ago
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