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BitCanna is an initiative by the cannabis industry for the cannabis industry. The company has ambitious plans to become the global digital ancillary platform for the cannabis industry.

The focus for the team lies on building an application that will serve both businesses as consumers from within the industry. Blockchain is the means as an infrastructure to build this application on top.

BitCanna is well-placed to benefit from this growing industry. The company will have direct integration with some of the largest online and offline cannabis shops when it launches in Q3 2019. Name’s like Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds and Spliff seeds amongst others. With the current exponential growth of both the global cannabis industry and blockchain technology, there is a potential partnership that stands to benefit both. Within the cannabis industry, there is a growing demand for payment solutions, track & traceability of crops, and trust mechanisms. BitCanna is combining the best of all worlds, addressing each of these problems through the launch of its blockchain platform and associated cryptocurrency.

Premine: 382 162 276 BCNA

BitCanna [BCNA] is a cryptocurrency with its own blockchain. The most actual price for one BitCanna [BCNA] is $0.054886. BitCanna is listed on 1 Exchanges with a sum of 1 active markets. The 24h volume of [BCNA] is $245.84, while the BitCanna market cap is $0 which ranks it as #2150 of all cryptocurrencies. You can find more information about BitCanna [BCNA] on bitcanna.io

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    Source code: github.com
    Discussion: Telegram
    Social (followers): @BitcannaGlobal (2 302)
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    Market Cap Rank 2150
    All Time High
    ? USD
    $0.125682 08 Sep 2019 % to ATH (128.99%)
    Circulating Supply
    Volume (24h) Rank 1612
    ? Max: 452 225 360
    $245.84 0.030996 BTC
    Vol / M Cap (24h)

      BitCanna details

      Started 01 August 2019
      3 months ago
      WhitepaperWhitepaper thumbnailOpen
      Development status Working product
      Org. Structure Centralized
      Open SourceYes
      Proof Type Proof of Stake
      Algorithm PHI1612
      Hardware wallet No

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            by @BitcannaGlobal 2.3k followers

            A kind reminder: If you're running a NODE wallet or MASTERNODE, make sure to update your wallet to V1.0.1 before the 20th of October. You do not have to take any action regarding your data files, only replace your wallet executable file. Read more here: https://t.co/6GLkCk6Gkjhttps://t.co/y2TDWz7RsH

            📢The BitCanna Team is excited to announce the launch of the first version of the official BitCanna desktop lite wallet. The lite wallet is essential for the onboarding of mainstream consumers. For more information and download links, click the link below. https://t.co/E6sucO0nMghttps://t.co/u0C7lhHLXW

            Millions of people wrongly think CBD oil is same as smoking cannabis – and that it’s illegal in UK. Two thirds believe it is banned according to new research. The legal cannabis industry is bigger than you think. Read more below. 👇 https://t.co/8Sp0dW9uwf #Cannabis #CBD https://t.co/g2IVwh4ewv

            We've just released an update on our upcoming network upgrade. If you run a BCNA node wallet or masternode, make sure to read our blog linked below, make sure to update your wallet before the 20th of October as well. https://t.co/D0g3XznkbF #BCNA #Update #Blockchain #Cannabis https://t.co/FN1MJls9bt

            We’re excited to announce that Bitcanna will be attending Cannafest this year in Prague. We can’t wait to network with our partners from the cannabis industry and meet our end-users. Visit our booth and test the BCNA payment solution. #Bitcanna #BCNA @cannafestprague https://t.co/kNo7ytlRrj

            Visit the #Bitcanna booth at the Malta Blockchain Summit 2019. Blockchain, AI meets medical cannabis! 4-8 NOVEMBER – InterContinental, Malta! #Bitcanna #BCNA #Blockchain #Cannabis @aibcsummit https://t.co/RpARNkv7si

            Partner in the spotlight: Boerejongens is regarded as one of the best Amsterdam Coffeeshop & Dispensaries. They are the industry leaders in Education, Quality and Customer Service. Visit on of their shops and follow our friends from the @BoerejongensBij online. #Bitcanna #BCNA https://t.co/v5xM7NdU4p

            The #Bitcanna light wallet is ready for community testing. Later on today, we will release the Windows and Mac versions here and on Telegram. After the public launch, we will start connecting our partners to the #BCNA network. Retweet to support! #Bitcanna #Massadoption https://t.co/qW1MVswrI0

            Partner in the spotlight: Kannabia Seed Company. @KannabiaSeeds is one of the first cannabis seed companies from Spain and has been producing very high-quality cannabis seeds for many years. Soon you can order your seeds with #BCNA at the @IntKannabia webshop. #Bitcanna https://t.co/H6umgAu55x

            Partner in the spotlight: With over 20 years of breeding and growing experience, @royalqueenseeds is among the best Seedbanks in the world. The RQS website and 7 brand stores have millions of visitors each month. Soon you can use #BCNA in the @RQS network. https://t.co/afVxDJA7xR

            We are working hard on the new #Bitcanna website. The new #Bitcanna portal will have a lot of utility for the #BCNA coin. Shop owners can buy advertising space, create advanced profiles for their shop, and can place guest articles on our blog. All paid in BCNA. #Bitcanna https://t.co/53wV4Urmn1

            #Bitcanna is available at Paycoiner now! Paycoiner is a cryptocurrency payment platform built to simplify payments made with cryptos. Paycoiner processed $1.2 Billion in crypto payments. Retweet to support #Bitcanna #BCNA https://t.co/VCWCGQ1gIL

            Today we tested the security of the #BCNA Lite Wallet. Private keys are stored with a strong encryption on your local machine. Windows, Mac, and Linux will be available soon. Mobile (IOS and Android) will follow. Retweet to support #Bitcanna https://t.co/OtaFPKAz0G

            📢*Announcement* The BitCanna blockchain is live, and development is in full swing. We'd like to share an update on our latest partner additions and more info about our payment module which will allow users to purchase cannabis-related goods—seamlessly. https://t.co/KkAEhFcmG7https://t.co/Kf3MK5gPtQ

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